Lights On | Lights ​Off is a pop-up gallery showcasing 8 of Melbourne’s best and emerging artists, coming to life in 8 retail spaces at Far East Consortium’s latest development, Upper West Side, Melbourne’s former Power Station. It is an energetic, experiential gallery utilising sculpture, painting, illustration, visual communication, photography and music. Every space will come to life throughout the three weeks as the projects evolve and the work takes shape.

8 Artists
8 Spaces

Featuring original artwork by:

  • Keith W Clancy
  • Julie Collins & Derek John
  • Danielle Harmshaw
  • Caroline Meathrel-Mack
  • Shoso Shimbo
  • Maria Simonelli
  • Beck Storer
  • Hayley June Walker

NiteArt 23 July
Open House 26-27th July
Lights Down August 1st

Nite Art at Upper West Side, Water Tank Way was host to a range of activities as the artists put on a show and engaged with the public discussing their art installations and expressions.

Nite Art 2014 is an interconnected web between artists, art sites and art lovers. It delivers a new experience to navigate the city with pathways to art. For 2014, Nite Art presents its own curatorial platform, featuring artists Zoe Croggon, Michaela Gleave, Joe Hamilton, Sam Leach, Luke Paulding, Sarah Hendy, Eric Demetriou and Roger Alsop. With eight precincts, 40 art sites, 80-plus artists and growing, Melburnians can explore sites across the city including commercial galleries, artist–run spaces, museums and unusual architectural spaces. Nite Art highlights Melbourne’s architectural and cultural assets through the lens of artistic responses. We’d like to thank Open House Melbourne, The City of Melbourne, The University of Melbourne, Ian Potter Museum of Art, ACMI, NGV Studio and Bank of Melbourne for helping us to grow this year.

Keep an eye out for: