Made by Melbourne was a showcase of the creative precinct showcasing some of Melbourne’s best local talents. The space came to life with a diverse mix of designers, retailers and food trucks every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

It was curated by the Melbourne Design Market, featuring an array of design and installations including natural yarn knitwear, customisable furniture, ethically sourced homewares, hand printed leggings, woven textile sculptures, knitted jewellery and men’s leather accessories. Elizabeth Collins, Event Manager Melbourne Design Market said, “The Melbourne Design Market is excited to be able to curate a pop-up design collective in a space like Water Tank Way as we are always working to provide opportunities for local designers to engage with valuable consumers and industry contacts.”

The pop up design precinct featured the following designers:

Designers include:
Constance Roe
- Secret River
- Zsofi Samu – Woven Textile Sculpture
- Luna Gallery
- Melbourne Design Market
- The Accessories Project

For information about retail leasing opportunities at Upper West Side and upcoming events please contact us.



Upper West Side.

Melbourne’s newest city block.

Leasing opportunitie snow available.

Melbourne-based brand Luna Gallery specialises in textural knitwear garments and homewares, embracing feel, function, style and sustainability to create quality knits from natural yarn.

Simplicity and humble luxury is the mantra of Secret River,
a homewares specialist that utilises ethically sourced woven cloths to create long lasting, high quality pieces.

Knitwear artisan ​​Wendy Voon Knits is renowned for her​ carefully crafted and beautifully detailed garments and​ ​accessories. Visitors are welcomed to interact with Voon​ and watch as she develops her next collection in her​ studio, which will be set up each Saturday in situ in her​ pop-up gallery space.

Constance Roe is a Melbourne based accessories brand dedicated to the creation of luxury handcrafted products in fine Italian leather.

Playfully expressing modernity and a subtle quirky style through striking colours and textures, Constance Roe pieces are born to excite the senses.

Building on an extensive background in screen-printing and printmaking, Adventure Pants delivers hand printed, durable and original leggings made from locally sourced natural​ fabrics and inks.

Power to Make has a unique take on furniture and accessory production, exploring the craft through digital technology. The result is highly customisable and contemporary furniture that can be reimagined by the user, in keeping with the fast pace of 21st century living.

Zsofi Samu integrates coiling and the ancient looming technique “double weaving” to create three dimensional textile sculptures inspired by the Tasmanian wilderness. Nature is a reimagined as art with Samu’s one of a kind pieces, which can be reshaped and re-installed in different ways to reflect the changeability of nature.

Wearable art is the focus of Elenii’s men and women’s accessory line. Individually handcrafted knitwear jewellery makes for a collection of show-stealing statement pieces.